Saturday, July 4, 2009

Venerable Sister Yeshe Chodron

Venerable Yeshe Chodron is an Australian nun in the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. She met Buddhism at the age of 17 whilst travelling in India and Nepal in search of the meaning of life. Ven. Yeshe became a nun at the age of 23 and she has now been ordained for 8 years. Ven. Yeshe is the Director of the Kalyanamitra fund - a socially engaged Buddhist organisation that supports non-Himalayan monastics world wide to study and practice (as there is currently little support for them in the Tibetan tradition). Kalyanamitra is also doing social work with Indian Buddhists, many of whom are from the community previously oppressed and known as 'untouchables', teaching Dharma, offering counselling and lifting people out of grinding poverty by providing them the skills they need to uplift themselves spiritually and physically.
She is the author of 'Everyday Enlightenment' (published by Harper Collins), and has appeared in the documentary Through the Eastern Gate. Sister Yeshe will be on tour in Australia between the 31st July and the 5th August. Her tour will incorporate a screening the documentary, book signings and many great teachings! You can find out more details about her tour on her tour homepage.
The Mitra Youth Buddhist Network

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